Common Application Essay: How to Handle It Successfully

Well, a common application essay is not so simple and usual, as many students believe. Do you know by the way, that many people just ignore it? What can be the reason why they do so? Well, as we have already mentioned, some believe, that this essay has no importance. Other think that it is too complicated and hence, too risky to write.

The thing is that the common application essays could bring you to your dream or could ruin your future. What option would you prefer? If the second one looks right to you, then, don’t ignore this paper. It might be tricky, but you should handle it.

College Common Application Essay: How to Handle It Efficiently?

First of all, you are applying for a place where you want to study. What do you think, why do they need to read all those texts? Some of them should be fine, while others should be really boring. But the admission committee wants to select the best students. That’s why they ask you to write a college common application essay.

So, now, this requirement doesn’t sound weird anymore. And it can be, that now, you understand more about the essay’s target. If you think that its goal is to make all those teachers from the admission committee want to accept you, you are right.

But how long should your essay be? When you search for some info about a common application essay length, you will find different data. The best option is to check what those guys from the admission committee want. They usually publish their requirements, you know. And if they haven’t, you are free to write as much as you want.

But don’t forget one very important thing: they have to read so many papers. So try to make it detailed but short. Be assured that some details from your childhood might be not too interesting for other people while the events that have influenced your choice are of very high importance.

A common app essay is usually not too long, about 1-2 pages would be more than enough. But you know better what you are writing about. So just write all that is crucial, and that might make the admission committee select you.

Common Application Essay Word Limit Requirements

So, what is the word limit for the common application essay? The response would be the same as to the question about the essay’s length. You might not find strict requirements. But we would recommend you check your school, even asking some teachers there or students who already study there. Mostly, however, around 500 words are enough for such kind of paper: not too boring and allow telling many relevant things.

Common App Essay Tips and Recommendations

We don’t know what others would recommend, but we would advise you to check the following common app essay tips. Even if they aren’t universal, they might be really useful and help you in getting out of this situation. So, here we go:

  • Are there any special requirements from your school? For example, do they limit the essay word count?
  • What about the citation style? Does it require a special one? And well, is any required?
  • Have you checked the values of the school where you are going to send your application?
  • Writing about something abstract in your application essay isn’t okay. Write about relevant experiences and events only.

Common Application Essay Help from Professionals

But what should you do if you are applying for the best college to study mathematics or physics? Then, writing an app essay might turn into a real issue. Moreover, it is very unpleasant, because you might be a great scientist but a really bad writer. So, what to do?

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